The term column usually applies to a large round or square support with a capital at the top and a base or pedestal at the bottom.  You can find columns supporting arches, beams, rails & mantels. While columns are typically required for structural purposes, it is very common to see columns used for decorative reasons.

Here at Brock Foam & Stone, Inc. our architectural foam columns, caps & bases come in a variety of different styles and finishes. Designed to fit your specific needs, these hard coated foam accents will certainly add beauty to your home improvement and building projects at very affordable costs. Our Column, caps & bases are made to fit around existing support architecture and are light weight, durable & easy to install. Check out our gallery below and feel free to contact us anytime with any question.

Columns, Caps, & Bases

Columns, capitals & bases hard foam
Hard coated architectural foam columns, capitals & bases. Made of light weight durable EPS foam.
Square columns, caps & bases
Square columns, caps & bases made of light weight hard coated architectural foam products.
Architectural Trim & Molding
Authentic looking architectural hard coated foam trim & molding.
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