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 Arches & Keystones




A keystone, or capstone as some might call it, is usually an angled or wedge-shaped piece of architecture that is put into place at the apex of an arch to lock all of the other arch pieces into place essentially supporting one side of the arch with the other. The keystone will always

be the final piece to be put into place locking all other pieces into place. Round keystones can also be found in vaults & rounded or domed architecture and serve the same purpose.

While the functionality of a keystone in arches and vaults is paramount, many people will place enlarged or decorative keystones at the center of straight, flat architecture for aesthetics purposes only. A well placed, decorative keystone can drastically improve the appearance of entryways, doors, windows and facades.

We design and manufacture keystones in any style and have a team of designers ready to help you with your project. Check out the gallery below and feel free to contact us directly with and questions.

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